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      Indigo Wild creates and develops ethically made sustainable clothing and swimwear. Beginning in 2014 as an independently managed business, our founder Shelby Yorks started Indigo Wild, constructing and dying every product by hand on the island of Maui, as she does to this day.

      Our mission is to deliver Sustainable BioDegradable Swim and activewear to a highly disposable market. As we opened up the market for a more sustainable choice in swimwear, we began to build an infrastructure that is ethical for every individual in our supply chain.

      By Small Batch Manufacturing in LA with our team of 3 seamstresses this has allowed our brand to build a strong community and bring fair wages to our neighbors and friends. It has also allowed us to track our production, utilize every inch of scrap fabric, right down to every detail of our packaging and hardware as well as employ an eco-friendly mailer to ship our goods so that our swim and activewear may continue to be sustainably sourced.

      We make it our mission to be the change, the prospective, and environment within the fashion industry. Our goal is to make what we wear safer for our current lives, and the lives of the future. 



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